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Floral Diffusers


Home Aroma Scents
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Our stunning reed diffusers feature 5 regular reeds and 4-5 natural flower reeds that give a nice touch to any bathroom, living room or bedroom.  These are a great alternative to candles for anyone in a dormitory or shared living space that doesn't allow them.

Tranquility ~ Lavender, Vegan Musk, Sage

Loved  ~ Vanilla, Coconut, Berries, Sandalwood 

Black Sea ~ Plum, Vanilla, Black Amber, Cardamom 

Pomelo Mint Blossom ~ Pomelo, Pineapple, Mint 

  • Due to the nature of this item, expect slight variation in the color and appearance of each unique piece
  • Lasts approximately 3-5 months.