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Who we are??

Like many of us, we have been allured by fine fragrance and the ambiance of a glowing candle in our homes.  However, after having our daughter we only wanted to burn the best and researched paraffin candles and realized it was as if you were burning petroleum oil  (a refined gasoline product)  in every room!! Not good! All of our products are toxic free. We only create products that we feel are safe for our environment. We only use sustainable material. 

With our passions and past experience (We both worked at Illume Candles back in the day, forever grateful!!!.....)  With his artistry in painting and drawing and mine in crafting,  We decided to create our own candles. We wanted our candles to be LA inspired that's where the old english comes from. Our fragrances and names of our fragrances  are all unique and come from our own living in LA  experiences and/or sometimes from our travels and foods.  

We believe that the products that we have created are an extension of who we are and what we love to do.  We are incredibly passionate about our products and receive great joy in creating products that are greener than what you get from the mass market with eco-friendly ingredients and we never cut corners.  
So, rest assured and breathe easy, knowing that while burning a NoHo Candle you too the path to a greener future!
A little about us.....
I was born in Paterson, New Jersey.  I'm half Columbian and half Chilean my parents are from South America. They met in Jersey and shortly after they married.  Due to the weather, they moved to Sunny California - Burbank to be exact. Freddy was born in Brawley, California his family is 3rd-4th generation Mexican Americans.  Shortly after his birth his family moved to North Hollywood where he grew up. We are your typical LA mixture of culture.  We have one daughter, Layla and a Yorkshire terrier, name Luna. We love to travel and nature is our sanctuary. My background is in Hispanic Marketing and Freddy's is in manufacturing machinery. I enjoy cooking, music and all forms of art  and Freddy enjoys watching movies from the 80's, drawing and just hanging out! Thank you all for your support! We greatly appreciate it!
Carla & Freddy

Thank you for popping in!!